are you ready for a new bag experience...

n!ne handbags™ by Rebecca A.Hill.

Rebecca and Tim create exciting handbags from the finest full hides.

Every handbag is unique with handles you may never have seen before. Simple shapes brought together into bags with lots of space.  ‘n!ne handbags’™ because a woman only needs nine handbags, one for every day of the week and two for very special occasions...


n!ne handbags™ are created with passion for you to enjoy.


n!ne for each day of the week and two for special occasions

Not just exclusive... unique

At n!ne handbags we create every bag to be as unique as you or me. We take our signature pod or cocoon shape and build upon this shape with scale, colour and finish of leather, lining material and handle. Every handle is selected and sculpted from exotic or native woods, found objects or hand made from precious metals. Every element of our creations is made in our workshop.

We also create bespoke bags. Whether it is changing the size, the lining or the handle. Maybe you want us to incorporate a piece of driftwood found on holiday, your grandads old walking stick or just an old spanner. It is all possible.



every silver handle is an unique piece of art..

Established in 2010 by father and daughter Tim and Rebecca, Rebecca A Hill started as a silversmithing partnership. Rebecca and Tim often incorporated other materials such as slate into their designs and were often exploring new avenues in which to take silver to make it appeal to a larger audience. During pregnancy, struggling in the workshop Rebecca and Tim explored new horizons with the  result: n!ne handbags by Rebecca A Hill .....

n!ne handbags  by rebecca

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©2021 Thalen & Thalen Sprl, Francorchamps, Belgium
©2021 Thalen & Thalen Sprl, Francorchamps, Belgium
©2021 Thalen & Thalen Sprl, Francorchamps, Belgium